margherita pizza, yes please

this past weekend we wanted to go camping, but the lame weather
threw that idea out the window

 we decided to go to utah at 5:55
and we're in the car by 6:00
impressive huh?

we had SUCH a good time.
hailey and shane are the best hosts!

we swam, we shopped, we had a fire, we drove through canyons, we did everything.

The cute soon-to-be 'Framptons'

If you're ever in Heber, you HAVE to hit up Cafe Galleria.
It's delicious, gourmet pizza for a really good price.

p.s. margherita pizza contains no alcohol

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sam and kyrsten said...

5 minutes? yes very impressed. i dont know if you got my text yesterday. but i hope i see you at lunch!

You know you want to.

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