reap what you sow

reapcut or gather (a crop or harvest)
sow: plant (seed) by scattering it on or in the earth

reap what you sow = gather what you've planted

i sort of but never really knew what reap and sow meant.
so i thought i'd clear things up for myself and those of you who didn't know either.

we planted today.
we have a ginormous garden.
ginormousextremely large
i didn't know ginormous was an actual word. 
well it is.
got that cleared up to.
yeah we have a EXTREMELY LARGE garden.

i have never planted before, and spencer hasn't either. 
so we HOPE, that we can reap what we sow this fall.
let's just hope there is something to reap.

we didn't have stakes. so when spencer left, i made my own. 
he came back with stakes and said these have got to go. 
he wants to make signs that are colored and nicely labeled.
he's ambitious. 

the 'new' stakes.

we're pretty excited about the garden. 
if you're ever in the neighborhood, you know where to find some vegetables.
excuse me, i have to go finish planting corn, pumpkins and potatoes.

p.s. this a project banner i've been working. i'll post it in a few days once its done. 

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