Simple Pleasures

The smell of blueberry muffins.
-Especially on days like today-
They are Spencer's favorite.

Watching our coin jar fill.
That will one day take us on a nice trip.
Maybe in 10 years, but we'll get there!

Looking at these adorable pillows.
My mom gave them to me for my birthday.
They match my bedroom walls.

My new Owl that resides on my window seal.
This is a unique, simple pleasure.

Let me explain:

My friend Tara dropped it off at my house last week while I was in Utah.
When I got home on Sunday I found this little box in the kitchen.
I opened it and thought, that's cute but I didn't really get it.

Then, this is how our text conversation went.

Tara: Hey when you get your gift, let me explain it to you.

Molly: I just got it! It's Cute!

Tara: So my mom had a watch bird in her kitchen cupboard 
to watch over the family so I thought you needed one too.  
Or you can put it out so its not blindly watching you. 

Molly: Oh my gosh.  That is so so sweet. I absolutely love it.
I love the thought you put into things. 
I'll always think of your mom now when I see it.

Tara: I have one too.

Molly: Tara you are seriously the coolest. Thank you so much.

Tara: Sure no problem.

Tara is one of the NICEST people I know. Her mom was like a second mom to me.
SO I think this owl wins for my favorite Simple Pleasure

Do you have any simple pleasures??

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sam and kyrsten said...

lori was amazing. tara is so sweet to do that. what a wonderful simple pleasure to have! my newest simple pleasure is a bracelet my little brother made me. every time i look at it i think of him and him getting ready for a mission. your the best. sorry we ditched out tonight. i love you!

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