What you don't see.

bear with me. I am writing this because I think its important to remind myself.  I often look on other blogs and compare myself with others. i do it, i'm sure other people do it.  and i hate feelings of inadequacy. but we're human.  i, myself, usually only write about happy things that are going on in my life and i find that annoying.  i know i am not perfect, i know other people are not perfect. at first i thought why don't i write about the struggles in my life as well as the happy moments, because more likely than not, other people are struggling too. we can empathize.  however, maybe they want their blog to be there happy place, where they want to look back on good memories.  and that is perfectly okay.  so, we should blog about whatever we want, whether its happy or sad, sobeit.  and when i find myself comparing my life to other people's lives and talents, i am going to be happy for them. happy that they have their talents. happy that they have cute clothes, houses, et cetera et cetera. 
what we don't see are our un-perfect lives.
so i may blog about my un-perfect life sometimes.

and in the end.
this will make me happier

what you don't see: 
sometimes when i am exhausted, i pray laying in bed {shameful I know, i should be kneeling to my Lord, its the least i could do}. my laundry pile gets really really big every once in awhile. what seems like every week. when spencer and i bicker. we both hate it, but seem to do it anyway. i don't wash my hair everyday. bathe yes. right now, my house is destroyed.

(i'm not writing this because i'm sad or depressed. just something i was
 thinking about. but if i was, it'd be okay to write, remember?)

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stephani said...

love you. love this post. i should actually probably blog more about happy things and less about crappy things. Its hard to do (for me). I use my blog as an outlet and sometimes I shouldn't. SOmetimes the things I say offend people and sometimes they are embarrassing, but I seem to care less and less as time goes on. But I love your blog and I always get excited when I see you have a new post.
You're awesome Molly :)

sam and kyrsten said...

molly. what the problem is, is that we all compare ourselves to you! because you are beautiful and SO extremely talented! i agree with you though. we all put our best selves out there. and all the things you just confessed to... I DO! your the best! always remember it! even when you have something downer to say. :)

Joel & Alli said...

Molly, I LOVE this. I feel exactly the same way, all the time. I do all the things you listed ha ha font forget you are amazing and creative and beautiful :) and I'm going to start posting the same way :) love you girly!

Ps we need to plan a night in the park again and play with that big rubber band thingy ha ha so much fun!

Taryn said...

At least you are praying. And bathing :) And I agree with what everyone else is saying and are amazing! I love writing and I am just grateful that I have my blog as an outlet (because I am not so good at expressing myself with verbal communication) and that I can write whatever I am feeling or experiencing. So keep blogging however you want to. Because we all love reading what you have to say (or what you don't say) and we are going to think you are still awesome either way!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Ditto Ditto! You are my hero! Love you
Molly M.

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