well, you know how i roll.
i have about a zillion pictures to post.
i don't ever want to miss a beat, so i snap snap snap.

arizona was a blast.
could i ever live there? i don't think so. ITS SSOOOO HOTTT.
BUT, i did have so so so much fun. and the framptons are the nicest people.

instead of carrie and chase doing a reception a week later in arizona.
they did a engagement celebration. 
partly because after their wedding they are going to rome, italy, and spain for two weeks and won't be here.
yes, i am jealous.

"sweet caroline" by neil diamond is carrie and chase's song. they love it. and it was the theme of the night.

other than the party, we swam. that pretty much sums it up. gotta keep cool in the those temps.

pictures will do the talkin' and i'll do the walkin'

the sky winked at us. is this not the coolest cloud EVER??????? 

Cuteness alert provided by Leni.
she loves flying on "arrowplanes"

THEE party.

this house is on my christmas list. its my DREAM house.

the framptons know how to throw a party.
we celebrated with root beer, candy, fruit, corn, pie, ice cream, bbq sandwiches.
and we danced.

Mom and the girls

Leni and "spencer boy" is what she called him.
she didn't want spencer boy and uncle spencer to get mixed up.
she kept saying he was a nice boy.

The many faces of Leni Jane

And a few airplane pics. Flying fascinates me, its amazing.
so do sunsets apparently.

the end :) 

2 love taps:

Taryn said...

How fun! I am so excited and happy for Carrie! And how does a family get so lucky as to have sooo many beautiful girls in it?

Garrett said...

Molly - the pictures look great. Was chase there? I don't see any pictures of him :) ha ha ha. Hope it was a fun trip. I always like looking at your blog.

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