roasted peanuts. ugh.

this is me. the rest of the week.
partying it up in AZ.
fly out in the morn.

p.s. to all my bachelorette fans.
who's you favorite.
i love that show. the only one i watch.

my favorite is Chris L.
he has terrible style but his
face makes up for that. 
Roberto is nice too.
but he is a little too smooth.

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sam and kyrsten said...

you are always having a party. i love it. let party together. please... even though ive ditched out. forgive me. i have only watched the first episode of the bachelorette but ive been planning for the last few days now to catch up. we shall see. im just glad its not jake from last season and the season before anymore... GAG me!

Taryn said...

Yes, Kyrsten hated Jake. A lot. But he was pretty nerd birdish. As for this season I too like Chris L the best. Kirt or whatever his name his seems pretty nice too. But let's be honest they are all a little weird if they are on that show!

Joel & Alli said...

why are you in az?? I looove it there im totally jealous. But I LOOOVE Kirk...I just think they are way cute together, and Chris L is definitely my second fave...honestly as long as its not Kasey im good, he is insane!!!!

Anonymous said...

we have the same anniversary?! awesome! we should have a big ol shin dig one of these years on september 19th :)

ps im super duper jealous that you get to partake of the sunshine in az! tell phoenix hi from me and enjoy yourself. oh but please dont melt away, that tends to happen during the summer months.

You know you want to.

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