scouts in the mountains

camping was oooh so good.
we only went up for one night but it was ultra fun.
we were in good company.

saturday morning, everyone had their motorcycles and four-wheelers 
so we all went on what i thought was going to be a small joy ride.
i rode on the motorcycle with spencer and we all went 
to the very tip top of scout mountain. 
it was so BEAUTIFUL. you could see everywhere. 
it ended up being about a four hour ride. 
it also started raining some more on the ride down and we all were drenched
and muddy from the puddles. 
so, we found one puddle at the bottom that was like three feet deep and 
drove through it a million times. we had a blast.
other than the fact that spencer and nick almost rolled the four wheeler 
into a car going through the puddle. 
then... one thing lead to another and spencer was
swimming in a beaver pond. it was so cold outside, he's crazy.
then.... we went home. and topped the night of at Lava. 
such a fun simple weekend. i love living close to mountains. 

a little caught of guard. 

I snapped this on the way home Sunday night.  I loved the look of it. 

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sam and kyrsten said...

i love that you guys are so close with david and nancy. they sure are the best! you are beautiful!

Gudrun Kristine said...

Aaaaa, I miss Lava.

Taryn said...

Oh I miss the mountains! Love the Bickleys!!!

Stephensen's said...

I miss...ed out!! Next time, can we please come, I am sure Len would love riding on a motorcycle through mud puddles... seriously! Next time.

LJ said...

your blog gets more and more amazing! It's like my favorite kind of magazine! I love how you see the world through your camera lens!

You know you want to.

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