my motto

(fishers island, 2007)

two nights ago, spencer and i got home from our sunday activities
church, dinner at the landons, concert in the park

and my house was a mess.
it usually is on the days i teach my young women's class.
paper, scissors, blow dryers, baking dishes, outfits.. everywhere.
and if you know me, i'm kind of a neat freak.
i'm not the best deep cleaner in the world, but i like things neat and tidy

so when i got home, i intended on making things neat and tidy.
but.. i didn't
i didn't want to.
i just wanted to cuddle with spencer and watch a movie
(yes we got a t.v., someone gave it to us. awesome)

it took A LOT of coaxing to get him to watch Enchanted with me.
i'd never seen it, and i really like it.
i think he secretly did too.
i love him, and i am happy i chose to snuggle instead of clean.

i want to live my life like that.
spend time with people that matter.
doing things that matter.

the house can wait. 

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Kac said...

great motto! :) i love the movie enchanted!! its sooo cute! :)

sam and kyrsten said...

your amazing. i love enchanted so much. the music! fabulous. it is on my pandora play list. :) embarrassing? no! :)

stephani said...

so on our honeymoon, ty and i drove past a theater in west yellowstone, and the ONLY movie playing was enchanted. we laughed and were like LAAAME NO WAY. and then last summer we borrowed it from the hansens and we liked it so much tyson bought it for me. though i secretly think he bought it for himself.
loved the post molly.

spencerandmolly said...

kyrsten, No, not embarrassing. I keep singing the songs because they are stuck in my head, spencer just laughs.

Steph, i think he bought it for himself too. Spencer bought me new moon for easter, i think he bought it for himself. j/k he hates that movie. enchanted is muy bueno.

Stephensen's said...

Good motto motomoto...so nice you say it twice! You will really have to practice that when you have kiddos, so you don't miss the good stuff. Love you baby g. xoxo

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