"i got the skills to pay the bills"

my family has skied our whole lives
my mom taught skiing for fifteen years
so since i am the youngest of five, i started at age 2
no way we're they going to miss a saturday skiing, because of the annoying little sister

but a couple christmas vacations ago,
me and carrie just weren't satisfied with our freestyle skills :)
Hailey and Kevin already rocked at freestyling
but carrie and i, we needed to learn

soo..... i found these pictures and thought i'd share.
we wanted to learn to do 360's.
they are really funny.

purple coat: carrie
gold one piece: molly
orange coat: mom
white coat: hailey
red coat: shane
green coat: kirsten

then.... we went a played dress up. 

we are nerds, and we know it, so thats okay 
p.s. and lets not talk about our terrible form in the ski jumps

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