sad/happy----- mostly happy

today was a really special, unique day

13 years ago today, we got the horrible message that sister died in a car accident
i was only 9, so i don't remember a lot about the day
but i can remember my mom crying in the shower
it WAS a sad day

for 13 years, we have missed heather every second.

however since that day, we have made every July 16 special AND happy.

today was an especially. special July 16
13 hours ago, all of my siblings got to be in the temple together for the first time
today, carrie went to the temple for the first time

i think today will go down as the best july 16 since that day

 we felt as close to heather as we possibly could
and we liked it.

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sam and kyrsten said...

wow what an amazing experience. im so sorry about heather. ive been told before that she was a very special person. my dad says that when the time comes for him to return home, that we should look for him in the chandeliers of the temple. i have a feeling he will be there. maybe she is too? i love you.

Melissa said...

That is truly amazing! How neat that you had a family temple day in commemoration of Heather. And how exciting that all your siblings are now endowed and able to have special experiences like that together!

Kac said...

molly...i had no idea that your sister past away. i bet that was an extremely hard time for your family...but thats very neat that you and your family got to go to the temple together..

LJ said...

wow...i got the chills. that's amazing molly. there is no day more special to have that happen on.
i'm touched.
I wish I knew Heather. We'd be the same age.:)
i love you.

You know you want to.

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