before i start. 
i award myself with most random blog post of the year. 

here is why. i went to jackson last thursday. took my old camera. 
and an old memory card. i got there and wondered why there were only 13 pictures left i could take.

turns out. my last five years of my life was stored on this one card.
i can't believe all of this was on ONE memory card.
i go through memory cards now like its nobody's business. daily.

so walk with me down memory lane. 

me and leni bug. probably 2007.

kirsten and i. san francisco. probably 2007.

jasmine and i. fisher island new york. probably 2007.

kirsten and i. lake powell. 2007.

the day leni was born. slc. september 19, 2007

kirsten and i. bathroom. anywhere between 2006-2008

leni jane. probably 2008.

carrie and i. puerto rico. 2007.

jack and i. fishers island, ny. 2007.

kirsten and i. who knows what i'm doing. 2008.

hailey and i. pebble creek. 2008.

jackson hole. last weekend. 8.19.2010
we hiked heather's memorial hike. and went to bar j wranglers. never been.

spencer. last weekend. bear lake. family reunion. 8.2010.

thats all.
glad i didn't throw that little mc away. 

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sam and kyrsten said...

looks like you had lots of fun in 2007. love you!

You know you want to.

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