i'll be honest.

i have begged spencer for an el camino since the day we got married. with a fresh paint job.
i am getting a little tired of 'shabby chic'.
i love my young women.
i sometimes wish i could have babies sooner. but know it'll be worth it. 
i wish i could afford to buy rugs for my house. csnrugs has the best rugs ever. for cheap.
school won't last forever. 
i am going to get back into running. i have to. i want to.
doing what is right, makes me happy.
spencer and i ate pretzels while we watched the office last night.
i am thrilled fall is almost here. there is something different in the air.
clean is good.
i am even more excited for a fresh christmas tree in the living room.
i like old houses. retro looking ones.
how come every time i try a new recipe, it fails.
i wish we had more time to refinish furniture. well spencer refinish furniture. he's amazing!
i love the picture below. the entry way.
i've done 6 loads of laundry today.
i am going to go make cookies for spencer. 
i hope we can go to costa rica for christmas with my family.
i love my new camera. how did i ever live without you baby?
i want to study. harder.
i love hanging out with spencer. muy divertido.
i want a subscription to realsimple magazine.
i love coldplay.
my house is hot.
i needed a break from reading.
i should get back to reading.

2 love taps:

sam and kyrsten said...

how is it that you are so awesome in every way?

Stephensen's said...

love it, but it would not look like that for very long, especially when you have little ones!

You know you want to.

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