this and that.

i feel like the blog and i have been 'on a break' 
yes, we have a relationship.
things have been crazy busy around here lately with the sisters wedding and all.  i can't believe its in two days. its going to be such a good time.  i CAN NOT WAIT for the party.  but what i can't believe even more, is that school is in thirteen. I actually have been super bummed that school is coming so soon. where did the summer go???? i am Dreading this school year. i don't know why, i normally love school.  but there is one positive thing, i get to have more clinicals and i'm closer to being done.  gotta look on the bright side of things here.  

this past weekend, spence and i met up with his parents and their family friends in island park.  we hauled up there friday night just in time to make it to the mack's inn playhouse where they bought us tickets to see the show.  in all the years we had a cabin in island park, i had never been to this show, and it was so so funny. spencer was complaining about how it was an hour and a half long. it ended up being  two and he loved it. the next day, we rented tubes and floated the river below the dam to last chance.  it was a blast with all of us.  then, we loaded up with spencers parents and went to w. yellowstone. that was a good time. i almost bought some moccasins. i should have, but didn't. oh well. next time. 

sunday, we went to church.  i felt the spirit in sacrament a lot. it was nice.  we also went to the last band concert of the summer at ross park. that is always a treat too.  spencer and his family are die-hards.

and other than that, we have been going like mad with the wedding. 

and buying school books. talk about depressing.

but i am one happy muchacha. bc. life. is. bueno.

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Kaci Ray. said...

i know how u feel with all the wedding stuff! our basement is wedding galore! :) haha!

You know you want to.

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