want becomes need.

i have wanted sconces forever.

but the d.i. only ever wanted to grant me one sconce.
and you can't hang just one sconce on your wall.

so i told my sisters of my want.  and to keep their eyes peeled.

and my dear sister hailey picked these gems up for $3

sure, they didn't start out as prettiest things ever.

nothing a little $3 can of spray paint can't help.

and voila.

hailey, thank you thank you thank you.

i am very happy with the end result.

even happier that they cost a total of $6.65

carrie, i'm going to hang them next to the mirror we made.

love to you both.

sconces. check.

3 love taps:

Stephensen's said...

I am pleased as well. Those are really cute ( I need a new word for cute...). Please post pics when they are hung next to that amazing mirror.

stephani said...

LOVE THEM. you ladies are so talented..and i love the blog header. very cute. wee bit jealous and want one myself :)

Mitch n' Molly said...

Love the sconces! well done with the white paint! I hope i can con you into helping me decorate when we buy one day... I can can't i?... LOVE your style girl!

You know you want to.

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