THE book.

back in may, we gave my mom a book. 
well. not any book.
a very. special. book
remember here.

we always feel bad because her birthday is usually on, the day before, or after mother's day.
you get what i'm saying?

so. this year i wanted to do something really special.
i wanted to give her something she could keep forever. 
so, literally LAST second, i emailed everyone.
and i told them. i need your help.
i asked them to write some thoughts about mom.
it was a lot of work.  i spent a lot of hours in photoshop trying to design 
a book that was simple in design, and meaningful.
and get the letters :)
after paying over night shipping to get it here in time, so we could take it on our trip to california for her birthday. 

we did it. 
oh. so. worth. it. 

the best part. no one expects a really cool present on your 53rd birthday. you expect that at 50 or 60. 
so. we thought we'd sneak one up on her. 


THE book.

opening page.

mom as a little girl.

one of my favorite pages.  i like to think heather and grandma would have loved to write a letter for the book.

however, i think they would have chose these pictures too.

i totally cherish these pictures below. 

this page i had angie in guatemala write. she is like a sister.
you have to read what she wrote, i love it!
(click on picture to make it bigger)

mom being mom.

last page. 


now. her reaction.

us girls could hardly wait to give it to her. 

mom, we kind of like you :)

6 love taps:

Melissa said...

You are so very talented Molly! That is a marvelous book. Your mom must love it!

Kaci said...

Thats so sweet. And cute!

Maren & Scott said...

Molly, you are so amazingly creative! The book looks amazing!

sam and kyrsten said...

this is so special. i was actually in the process of making one for my dad before he died. i will still finish it though. im so glad you did that for her it is so special

Garrett said...

what a great book. your work never ceases to amaze.

A Little About Jake said...

What a great idea! I wish i was crafty enough to make one for my mommy. Im not good at photoshop. I would need a teacher. How are you?!
-The Gentrys-

You know you want to.

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