happy to go. happy to leave.

a few expectations i have each year for the fair:

1. i hope i have a good immune system

2. i expect it to be busy {expect, not want}

3. i expect spencer to get a deep fried snickers bar

4. most importantly, i expect/want to see a mullet

expectations in review:

1. i will find out how good my immune system is in a few days

2. it actually was not that busy

3. spencer got a deep fried snickers bar

4. i saw one awesome mullet

places i like:

1. photography section, naturally

2. barns with the huge horses

3. agriculture building with biggest pumpkins

places i avoid:

1. food/heart attack section {except tiger ears, which are basically a heart attack}

2. standing right behind the horses and cow pies

3. carnival rides {fun to take pictures of, but think about it. they travel around the country}

until next year :)

3 love taps:

Gudrun Kristine said...

Jake's Grandma always tells me I need to go to the fair in Idaho. Sounds good to me! I love fairs. Especially the farmy kind.

Stephensen's said...

I didn't even finish my tiger's ear, but so delicious! So fun to be with you and family. xoxo

sam and kyrsten said...

ah. the fair. so lovely.

You know you want to.

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