did i mention i love fall? 
i do.

over labor day i worked in the garden. 

these will soon be apple pie.

spencer and i had no idea what we were doing when we planted a garden.
we literally worked in it like twice this year.
we learned a lot though about what to do next year. 

it so satisfying to be able to go a grab dinner in your back yard.
i've made dinner twice this week from the garden.

i think i'm kind of liking this whole garden thing. 

today my mom and i made homemade salsa
mostly made with our garden produce. 
and zucchini bread. with zucchini from the garden. 
it felt good.

don't you just love this time of year?
i just want to cook and make crafts all day long.
autumn is the best. 

i love it. 
but... today was too cold to quick!
i want the sunny, chilly days. 

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sam and kyrsten said...

you are so productive. how do i become more so?

sam and kyrsten said...

did i mention i love fall too.

Stephensen's said...

Tomorrow. It's only a day away.

You know you want to.

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