captain. random.

my family calls me captain random. i always beg the differ.
apparently i always start talking about the most random things out of no where.

but after today. i'm starting to get it.

classes felt extremely long today.

my break in between classes seemed extra long.

i had a 2.5 hour break in between classes but didn't want to go home. 
so i went to fred meyer. grabbed about 8 magazines. 
and went and sat on a couch in the store and read.

side note::: favorite- martha stewart and country living.

then while i was really trying not to fall asleep in my afternoon class.
my mind tends to wander.

this is what i thought about:

does brad pitt wear aviators in every picture? really, every picture brad? 
halloween decorations i want to make.
i wonder if people still buy magazines because of the internet.
i hope people still buy them.
how tired i was.
the i thought about how a sign of hypoxia (lack of oxygen perfusion) is restlessness.
maybe i am experiencing hypoxia.
because. i. am. restless.
victoria beckham is scary looking.
what kind of trees do acorns come from?
why aren't apples in adult fast food meals like kid meals?

i also thought about how i love the look of the kitchen below,
but are the 'lack of cupboards' really practical. my answer, no.

lets be honest. i know you all think like this in class too :)

over and out. 10-4.

 cpt. random

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Melissa said...

I love your random thoughts. And yes, I think that way too :)

You know you want to.

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