fall in my house.

despite me whining about how long class felt yesterday; it was such a good day.
for many reasons that i will unfold soon!
( and no i'm not what you are thinking! )

let me give you a scenario:

1. you love fall

2. but you are a poor college student

3. you go get one of hatties jars in your basement

4. you pick up sticks in your yard

5. you climb on ladders and break branches from a tree

6. and you build yourself a bouquet :)

wait.... that's my scenario

i love it! it is HUGE, even though it looks small

do you like it?

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sam and kyrsten said...

love it. its so cheery! dang i love fall. i wish i could be decorating. but i have nowhere to decorate! :) i would love me some pheasant feathers along with it!

The Gray Gang said...

I love it! I have a similar stick bouquet. Only I spray painted mine yellow! P.S. my favorite part of the whole thing is Aunt Hattie's jar. I love Aunt Hattie and would love love love to have a piece of her in my house!!!!

Stephensen's said...

Love your creativity sister. I am amazed at how you take simple things and ideas and make them extraordinary! Love you

You know you want to.

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