i think i am getting dumber.

other than watching conference this weekend..

which i THOROUGHLY loved.
really. it was awesome. it always is.

i studied. 
i studied.
i studied.

i remember the days when school would only take up a couple hours of my day.
now.... i am lucky, if i have time to do things that aren't fun.

i spent a lot of time typing up these below documents, well drawing in photoshop.
and to think i am only 1/3 of the way done studying for this test.

its nauseating.

i bet you are dying to know about these subjects. :)

what'd you do this weekend?

it has to be more exciting than mine.

p.s. i really, really love school.
its true. just a challenge.

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Stephensen's said...

Wow, that looks like heaps of fun! Just envision what it will feel and look like when you are done. It will help motivate you!

sam and kyrsten said...

wow. you even study cute. and creatively. holy smokers. to be true with you all i did was study too. boo. i can rhyme. im pretty smart too!

The Thompsons said...

Miss MOlly----Just Might Have TO PrinT these fabulous cards out for myself! WOW!! Hope You dont mind if I pledgerize...NICe WoRK! :) you are not getting dumber, you are getting way SMART! all i did was study hoo....

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