i think she's perfect.

for the past while, i've been collecting old bulbs from various thrift stores.
the reason being, i wanted to create myself a chandelier of bulbs.

and not just for christmas.
who says ornaments are just for christmas anyways.

so i finally felt like i had enough bulbs.

and with the help of my beautiful sisters: hailey, lauren, and aubrey.
they helped me put my idea on my ceiling.
otherwise i would still be working on it by christmas.

i love how she turned out.
she's prettier in person :) so i guess you know what that means.

too big? i think not.

what do you think we should call her ??
she is the newest member of our family after all.

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sam and kyrsten said...

really? i honestly dont know how you are so amazingly creative! its amazing.

Joni said...

Hi Molly, this is Joni stalking your blog. It is great. i think you should name her Gladys because it makes you glad and it kind of reminds you of glass. Love all of your ideas. You are very talented.

Melissa said...

That is really rad. You're so creative! I like her a lot.

dustin and kourtney said...


Stephensen's said...

I like what Kourtney said, and you can call her Flo!

You know you want to.

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