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Check out the cutest family here.

My most embarrassing photography moment happened with this family.
One weekend this family drove down from Utah to get their pictures done.
I hadn't ever met them, but felt comfortable quick.
Which is good, otherwise this incident could have been a lot worse.

I was wearing a button-down dress for this shoot.
We started off at a location in town and then went out in the country.
While we were shooting in the country,
I looked down at my camera to make some adjustments.
When I looked down, I realized that my dress was unbuttoned all the way to my belly-button.
Not just slightly open. 

Yep, they saw my undergarments and all.
I freaked out and asked them if they noticed it.
They said, "not until you mentioned it" and we're laughing really hard.
And I was laughing. And trying to mask my embarrassment by making fun of how I get people to smile.
Because I felt. really. dumb!

I do usually try and make people feel comfortable in front of the lens, but flashing them just isn't the way to go.

Again, I sure know how to make an impression.

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sam and kyrsten said...

HAHHAHAHAHHA! laughing so hard. and holy crap that is the cutest little boy i have ever seen!

Stephensen's said...

Sounds like you did it on purpose..., and he might be the most delicious dish of the month:)

You know you want to.

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