i have been the world's worst blogger lately.
i have been ultra busy.

life is so good right now, despite little set backs.
i have wonderful people in my life.

including the cute guy above. 

i am really grateful for him.
he has been 
so patient.
so kind.
so thoughtful.

i'm lucky to know him.
even luckier to be his wife!

the picture up above was shot in Robin, Id. last week during a shoot.
spenny has been coming with me on shoots.
and let me just say.
he's creative and has a great eye.
so, he's my new side kick.

i fell in love with this old bike on the property.
i kept talking about. and they gave it to me.
(thank you guys! i love it!)
i am going to spruce her up. so she is ride-able

remember my old bike i had to leave in ohio?
now i have a replacement.
and you know the drill.
what should we call her?

3 love taps:

Melissa said...

That photo is great! As for the bike, the first name that came to mind was Nicolette.

dustin and kourtney said...


Garrett said...

they gave you the grandkids bike from my grandparents house? i may have to talk to tami and aubrey about that one. not ok!

You know you want to.

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