out with the old. but i love the old.

i always knew my family and friends were amazing, but really? you're too good to me.

i love you all times a million.
hope i can repay you one day. 

i have really felt the love and so appreciate it. 

and in a few months.
its redecorating time.

who wants to come party with me.

These were the colors in my house before.

And these might be the new colors.

Not quite sure yet. 
I sure did love the colors before.

I'll probably have Spencer choose.
He has great taste. 

Have a happy weekend. 

3 love taps:

sam and kyrsten said...

love you. it was so good talking with you last night. i just did a future colors for my home post too. i guess talking with you last night made me excited to redo or DO my house eventually! :) love the colors. love you!

Kaci said...

I love the new colors. They are Molly!! :] Haha. I will DEFINATELY come and help you decorate. Love ya Momma Molls!! :]

Korbi said...

you're amazing. :) we are all so lucky to know you. a decorating party sounds like a great idea. i love the purple!

You know you want to.

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