i have to make a shout out to bloggers of the world.

i'll admit.

i have made fun of myself {alot} for having a blog.
i have often thought of deleting it.

but, i am SO glad i kept it.
do you want to know why?

because i know the little 'items' and projects around my house were just 'things'
i would blog about these projects a lot that spence and i would work on.
and i sometimes thought it was dumb to blog about them.

now i treasure them. because they bring back really good memories.
you. never. know.

so. i think it's good to (especially for me) to blog about any part of your (my) life.
even if it sconces, bulb chandeliers, or turquoise tables

good news is, my owl really did watch over my house.
she is cleaned up and ready to rock back over there again.
so she can watch the house for us for 9 months.

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dustin and kourtney said...

LOVE You molly!!

You know you want to.

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