deep thoughts by molly

i don't know why but when I am nervous, stressed, or worried; I resort to the blog. 
which happens too frequently. 
i am a worrier. it's true.
i don't like. 
but the problem is, i don't know how to change it.
i just love the people in my life so much.
i worry about them.
i am going to work on that.
if you have any suggestions.
feel free to send them my way!
because i know when i become a mom.
it will be about a jillion times worse.
so i hear.
and i can. only. imagine.

on a less worrisome note.
a few pictures i find inspiring.

aren't these pictures so fun and happy.
i think so.
i so want the striped stair carpet!

would you put the rainbow cupboards in your house?

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