it's all about the d.d.d.details.

okay so carrie's wedding post numero dos. 
i wanted to do a post of the details.
because i believe that a wedding doesn't have to be expensive to be neat.
we made a lot of stuff for carrie's wedding. 
so i thought i'd share.

hold. on. it's long...

mom and carrie made the dress. 

mom made allllll the bridesmaid dresses

carrie and i made this backdrop. i think it cost only $16.
but the hanging part was what should have cost it a million dollars. it was a pain in the hiney. but looked cool.

the many many flower balls were a joint effort. 

navyperl a.k.a my sisters and i made the flower sashes

i made a 50 ft. banner that went across the yard. probably cost $8. and somehow ended up in spencer's shirt.

carrie's talented mother in law made these menu's for the wedding dinner.

carrie made the table clothes and designed the flowers.
we bought the fabric in l.a. garment district for $2 a yard.

i whipped up little signs in photoshop and my sisters helped me make these cake pops. $15 i'm guessing.

i made pinwheels. probably $20. but a lot of time...
but everyone seemed to enjoy them. including grandpa leonard!

carrie and her mother in law made these little gems.

carrie found these little girl dresses on j.crew but they were really expensive.
so my made the little girls dresses out of carrie's wedding dress fabric. 
they turned out even cuter than the j. crew ones.
headbands by navyperl.
*leni loved stealing my shoes.

we bought the twins suits in garment district in l.a. 
not homemade. but adorable nonetheless.

we bought this awesome, awesome striped fabric in l.a. too.

believe it or not. carrie's hairpiece came from this vail carrie and i played with as 'dress up' when we were little at my grandma's house. we used to think it was hideous. but it turned out really cool.
leave it up to carrie to turn something random into a beautiful piece. that's her talent.

we reused some stuff too that we had. 
not the actual cake :)

and the band was amazing!!!
they came from utah. 
check them out. the joe muscolino band.
i HIGHLY recommend them.

and the fun we had.

that's all.
we had so much fun.

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sam and kyrsten said...

your family is so incredibly talented! love you all! everything was beautiful!

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