ooh la my man

I don't know how it happened. but these are the ONLY pictures I took over christmas break.

While at the cabin in I.P. I wanted to curl my sisters hair. But it turned out a little curlier than
planned. So then I did her make-up :) You know how I do. Usually you end up looking circus-y. She is a good sport.

And then there is Spencer on a classier note. He was dying over this headband/neck-gator we had from when we were kids.
And his hair made it extra cool. If you think about it, it is/was a genius idea.

Side-note. We rented Charlie St. Cloud last night, and I loved it. I want to read the book. Has anyone read it?

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Sharen said...

Molly, Your family is so awesome! I love to read your blog your such a talented individual. I just saw the family tree picture you made for your mom. Love it. Where did you find the image of the tree? I'd love to do that some day. Your amazing, hope you know that!

stephani said...

Molls. I've read it. I have it in fact. Better than the movie in my opinion. a little different ending. You're welcome to borrow it. Its a fast read. I read it all in one day :)

You know you want to.

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