rest in pieces.

i must admit. i loved my little turquoise table.
she let us eat off of her.
do craft projects on her.
study on her.
set flowers on her.
make food on her.
and was so poised in many pictures as a prop.
(spencer painted her, he even picked the color)
she was bright and cheery.

right now i am in the process of painting a new table.
and now i am stumped on what color to paint my new one.
because turquoise is a tough cookie to match up to.

2 love taps:

Katie Adams said...

Are you guys moved in? We need to get together some time. Oh and p.s......your comment about the swim suit cracked me up. I know for sure it would be a disaster for fact I dont think I could ever get it on!!

sam and kyrsten said...

love the teal. soo much. a nice lavender/purple would be cool. a red. an orange. or you could just revive the teal. i CANT WAIT to see your place when your back in. let us know if we can help with ANYTHING!

You know you want to.

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