Instagrm easter.

This Easter combo:

Side walk art.
Dying eggs.
Volleyball tournament.
El Herraderos.
Missing Framptons.
Lots of family.

Topped off with a spencer hunt.
No not a easter egg hunt.
A spencer hunt.

Spencer had the bright Idea to go hide on his dirt bike at night in the neighborhood.
Sounds fun, right?
Thomas, Juliene, and I were the hunters.
Juliene and I finally found him when we almost ran him over doing Mach 10.
We're good at this whole hunt thing.

Moving home tomorrow. 
Will post pictures soon.
We love our new home.

We. feel. so. Blessed.
People are good.
God is good.

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sam and kyrsten said...

i am soo soo happy for you. looks like a lovely colorful easter

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