a hair story.

i know what you are thinking.
Molly has the Best stories ever :)
Remember the sock story? Yeah, Good.
But my hair was just too interesting not too share.
and! you get to see me in all of my morning non makeup glory.

post was inspired as i was working this morning and saw my reflection in the computer.
i saw a large bun on a head.
attractive? not really.
but how does a girl with 10 pounds of hair stay cool in the summer?

if any of you other big haired ladies (or gentlemen) have any suggestions.
send 'em ma way!

3 love taps:

Krazy Kaci. said...

Haha you seriously are too cute!! :) I totally know how you feel. I chopped mine off but then realized I like it better keep it long!!! :)

Mitch n' Molly said...

LOVE hair stories! you are one funny girl ;)

Meg and Ryan said...

Whatever you do, don't cut it!!! I made that mistake a couple years ago and it took forever to grow back!! Just do lots of cute ponies, braids, and messy buns:-) you're darling! See ya at our next bunco!

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