a nice welcome home.

What a nice welcome home from my yard.
My peonies (my favorite flower) bloomed while I was out.
Spencer said I murdered the peony bush but I enjoy them more inside than out.

I've spent the past few days with the youth in my ward.
Love them to pieces.

My post is inspired by what is going on right now in my sister's life.
I love you. I pray for you. Although I am scared for you, I know everything will be okay.
I hope this quote brings you comfort as it does me. 

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sam and kyrsten said...

lovely flowers and lovely photos.

i dont know much about whats going on with your sister in laws health, but i hope you all know how many people love your family. we will be praying for her and for all of you!

love you!

tlc2950 said...

thanks are such a strength for aubrey and we appreciate it So Much!!!

stephani said...

your peonies are the prettiest peonies of all the peonies :)
i hope aubrey is feeling some comfort and i will be sure to keep praying for her and her health. youre a sweet sister moll!

BEARD said...

Molly, I love this quote!! It has given me comfort...This is what I try to think everyday as i'm going through all this! It helps so much!! LOVE YA MOLLS!! Thanks for taking me out yesterday, it was a hard day and you helped me a ton!!

Stephensen's said...

I love your flowers. Wow! This quote is awesome. Thanks for sharing some beautiful words molls. I am also praying for you Aubs. I think of you so much everyday.

Taryn said...

I wish life wasn't throwing your sweet family such hard stuff right now. Thanks for sharing such beautiful words that can bring comfort to so many. I just shared them with a friend going through the loss of a child, so thanks! Hugs!

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