macaroons, stain glass, and good music.

My mother in law is an amazing cook so we decided to try good ole macaroons.

We used Martha Stewart's French Macaroon Recipe and her Buttercream Swiss Meringue for the filling.
Three and a half hours later, it yielded about 30 little cookies.
Labor intensive, yes!
I made flour out of almonds.
After my arm about fell of grinding flour (I felt like I was in the 1500s)
We made it work.
Worth it, yes!
I  thought they were better the second day. 

The week before that. 
I attempted some stain glass jello.
Hard, no. 
Time consuming, yes.
Beck & Dawson were in love. So it was worth it. 
It tasted surprisingly better than normal jello.
It must have been the sweetened condensed milk in the white filling. 
I got the recipe off of Our Best Bites.

And.... One of my favorite songs at the moment.
I recommend listening to it. All of it.  It won't disappoint. 

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