A post with meaning.

Two posts today. Whew. I had a lot to catch up on.
But as I was leaving my desk to go do some work. 
I glanced at this instrument that stands next to my computer.
And had some inspiration to do the above picture.

Three weeks after the house burnt, the restoration crew said they had found an instrument in the house.
They had given it to Spencer but did not tell him where they found it.
It must have been in a special spot.
It was in the heart of the fire though. 
And it looks amazing.

We later found out that Spencer's Grandma had played this instrument. 
I think it is so special that it was found. So long after the fire. And that it survived.

It still stands so poised.
Even after it was burned.

I think this instrument is so beautiful.
This is the definition of a treasure.

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sam and kyrsten said...

absolutely lovely. just like you and everything you do!

You know you want to.

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