Rolling in the deep.

Last night Spencer and I watched a movie my friend lent me called "If Only". I am sure some of you have seen it. I think Spencer did not really like it because the actors weren't the best. He's the worst movie critic, but I am not a movie critic at all. I like any and everything, and I rarely notice bad acting. Always a sucker for chick flicks. I particularly keen of the happy endings. Even though the movie was predictable, it had a really powerful message. And about half way through the movie, I cried for 1/2 of the last of the movie.  Boom it hit me. I don't know why but the movie made me really, really miss my sister. I don't cry very often over missing her, I just like to have happy memories. But sometimes I get annoyed. Annoyed and angry that she isn't here. Annoyed that she died at 18. Because I know we would have been so close. I think we are a lot a like. People have told me that, but I just think of all the fun we could be having, and I get sad. Spencer first thought I was sad because of the movie, yes it was sad, but sometimes, usually the most random times, I miss her. I think it is okay to have times like these those. Because for some reason, it reassures your love for the person missed. It almost makes it feel real in such a surreal circumstance. I told Spencer that I just wanted to see her so bad. And he then said we get to be with her often. I asked what? where?. He said the temple. Which is so true. She is there. I feel closer to her when I go. Whether or not the movie was good. The message was good. And last night I hugged Spencer a little tighter. And sometimes it is good to be reminded, by cheesy actors nonetheless, to appreciate what you have. 

On a lighter note. I made the little image above. I think it is a helpful reminder. Because usually when I forget the proper table etiquette, it is a time when I don't want to forget. You know what I mean? 

I made this little card for fathers day below, if you would like a copy. Just email me at and I will send you a high resolution copy to give your poppa!

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Kathie said...

How sweet! I had one of those moments last week.....I hope I never quit having them, just wish they didn't hurt....Love you Molls. Mom

Taryn said...

Sorry you were missing your sister last night. I am kind of the same way. I try not to be overly sad about my dad being gone, but then something triggers my emotions (a sad movie or story) and that is when I just let it ALL out. It can be a little scary, haha. But I was thinking the exact same thing about the Temple this week. Ryan and I were able to go on Wed and I just sit a cry in the Celestial room, because I miss him so much but can feel him so close there. As we were leaving to get changed I almost whispered goodbye to him, that I would come see him again soon. It is a special place!

stephani said...

such a sweet post molly. aren't we so blessed to have temples? not to mention good husbands to remind us about important stuff like that :)

sam and kyrsten said...

you truly are amazing. it will be so wonderful when we are reunited with loved ones. what a beautiful reunion it will be. i love you.

i love the fathers day card too.

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