Ode to my best buddies.

Dear Beck & Dawson,

You two are my best buddies ever.

Over the past little while we have been spending more time than usual together,
as Mommy has been really sick.  
Although I am so so sad that she is not well,
I am happy that we have been able to have some time together.

I had so much fun with you guys this day at the river.
You kept saying, "Let's go see the Wiv-er".
I don't think I have ever held your hands so tight as we looked off the bridge at the water.

Later we flew kites. 
Beck, you first broke your kite. And then Dawson finished pulling the strings off.
I'll buy you another one if you want though.
Because that's what I do as your aunt.

I don't know how you got the scrape on your face.
You little buddy always have bruises and scrapes on your head.
But you are one tough cookie.
I thought about removing the scrape in photoshop, but opted out.
Because you are a boy, and I think it's kind of cute. (Not in a masochistic kind of way).

You are hilarious as ever.
You are way too smart.
And you remember EVERYTHING.

I have loved our sleep overs lately.
I love you both to the moon and back.


Aunt Momo

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tlc2950 said...

so so so CUTE!!!
i love these little guys and what a darling little post to them.

i love the pictures, you do an amazing job and capture every expression of their little bodies.

Kaci said...

Molly, your probably the best aunt! Your niece and nephews are so darn cute. They're lucky that your their aunt. I'm sorry to hear about there mom. I know you've told me, or mentioned it, at church. She's in my prayers. I love you Momma Molls, and I love your cute little pictures. :)

makall {*your daily dose} said...

this is really special molly.. as a mother, if i were ill, it would be the biggest comfort to me to see my sister taking care of my children and loving them the way you are loving your nephews. i cant imagine how grateful your sister is. you are a gem. and i have no idea why or what your sister is sick with, but i believe in miracles. and i believe god knows what is best for his children. even if that means it's really hard sometimes.

BEARD said...

Molly, we love you!!! thanks so much for always being there and willing to take the boys!! I LOVE this post..I LOVE the letter to the boys and I LOVE the pictures!! You are one amazing auntie mo mo. Love ya

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