the good and bad of yesterday. and memorial weekend.

Let's start with the bad:

I picked up a rock, turned out to be a dead mouse.
Sliced my finger while using the buzz sander.
Lost my softball game. 
I was scared last night that the wind would take us away.

And the good:

I sanded and painted the pillars on the outside of our house. 
I painted the mailbox.
Knocked some work out of the way.
Had a delicious healthy dinner.
The weather was warm.
Was barefoot 83% of the day.

And memorial weekend:

Leni & Spencer rode horses.
We hung out a Grandpas. And I ALWAYS admire his mantle. I think its the raddest. And his yard.

And we relaxed.

We visited Heath and Grandma at the cemetary. They are right next to each other partying it up.

I planned on doing some projects, like refinishing these frames, but chose to enjoy family instead.

I wore my comfiest dress ever. Spencer's calls it my Miss Lippy dress. 

And... I wore my new shades. 12.99 baby.

Spencer read. Day in and day out. No surprises there.

We admired all of the flags and patriotism around town.

We got italian sodas.

And we drove around.

Twas a good weekend even though the weather gave the February vibe.

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sam and kyrsten said...

i think i cant help but comment on every post you make. im just obsessed with you and everything you do i guess :)!!! the dead mouse think gave me the shivers. everything about mice do... but when they are dead its almost worse! eeek. sounds like a lovely memorial day weekend. i love how funky and fun heathers headstone is. im sure its perfect for her! love to you!

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