For a moment I was fooled!

This weekend was a really great weekend! Despite the continuous downpour of rain.

I feel like I live in Oregon at the moment. Fooled. I'll try and think it is as if I am on vacation. Here we go!

I did not bust out the big camera this weekend, regretfully, however I did take a lot of pictures on Spencer's iphone.  That I will post soon once I have that little baby in my hands. 

Also, I am thinking about a guest post.  From someone unexpected.

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sam and kyrsten said...

ok i saw that first picture and was like wait a minute i recognize everything in that photo.... haha its because its my moms stuff! beautiful pictures. and hey i would not mind living in oregon one bit. in fact i am trying to talk sam into moving there forever.. its not quite working though!

You know you want to.

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