Apple Tree Branches.

I have really been trying to spruce the house up because there is nothing on the walls.  However, I don't want to just go buy a plethora of stuff either but I want to collect it over time.  Dilemma? Not really.  Yesterday I spent the majority of the afternoon cleaning the house.  Boy does it get dirty fast. I doesn't appear to be but when you start scrubbing baseboards, but I found out quickly that my housekeeping was past due.  I just thought of how it would be 4x as worse once I have kids and then I got a little woosy. I jammed out to some Jack Johnson and the Beatles and actually enjoyed my cleaning rendevous.  Back to the point, I looked out my back window and noticed the lovely limbs on the apple tree and thought they belonged in my house. I found some shears and went to cut them down. I couldn't reach so I was jumping and chopping at the same time. 9/10 times I would miss. I bet my neighbors think I am crazy. So be it. Spencer finally came to the rescue but first opposed the idea of me hacking away at the tree. Looking for the "pretty" branches regardless of their location.  He just shook his head and laughed.  BUT, he actually said he enjoyed them too in our living room.  I think they are happy, even though they will probably die tomorrow. On a side note, I went to Camp Rainbow Gold training this last weekend, and I am SO SO SO excited/pumped/thrilled/ecstatic to go. The end.

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Jan Fisher Clark said...

okay I love your decor. Will you come decorate for me?

Love your posts.

sam and kyrsten said...

im dying a little bit more wishing i was in pocatello and partying at your house all the time!

You know you want to.

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