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i should probably be posting about my brothers 30th surprise party that was july 2 instead of the selected subject. but i am sure he doesn't read this, so we'll move on AND come back.

i am feeling very relieved to get this off my chest. but i was am a ribbon-holic. well anything to do with wrapping really. my sister drew my name for christmas and I asked for ribbon. the first thing i bought after the fire, ribbon.  driving the lady last week at the D.I. crazy over my repetition of "oh my gosh, i'm dying over this ribbon", so worth it. actually she joined in the fun and found me a bunch of ribbon that was hidden.  we shared a beautiful moment. this ribbon is unreal. i got all of it for a (drum roll) ............ $2.50.  There was more, but I withheld.  I don't know how old it is, I tried to find some dates but the only numbers I found were 611, 24688, and 79 cents. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think any of those are it.  Anyway, it was a score.  

Next on the list of my thrift extravaganza.  The great eagle spirit.  I found this gem and knew we were meant to be.  However, I didn't know, just how fragile he was.  As I was throwing sticks out of my car from the stick wreath, I picked up the eagle and chucked it on the lawn too.  Only to watch it crush into a million pieces.  Okay, not a million. But four!! His wings were snapped right off, and what's a bird to do if he doesn't have wings, if he was a penguin, sure, but not an eagle. I glued him back together and will soon paint him black to watch over and protect our office. 

And next we have the one and only pencil cup, well that's what I am using it for.  After gazing at it, I realized it can be used for more than just pencils or pens.  Suggestions listed below.  50 cents.  I have been looking for one of these for the past few weeks but the cheapest one i found was seven dollars and just plain boring.

Last but not least.  Vasottles and apple strings.  I don't know if what I bought are vases or bottles so I went with vasottles.  Aren't they pretty?  Christmas can't come soon enough.  And a string of apples. No I am not a teacher and no I will not be making jewelry out of these.  I just thought they were cute and I am thinking about making an abacus. 

to conclude:

DI: my favorite, hit and miss, however it's usually where I find my greatest items
Goodwill: never go, overpriced
St. Vincent De Paul: rad stuff, not a big selection, willing to negotiate
Idaho Youth Ranch: don't go often

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Taryn said...

You share your love of ribbon with my dear mother. You would be a little jealous of her collection, although I might say she would also be jealous of yours!

You know you want to.

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