God is good.

We have been having so much fun lately.  Any chance we are not working or doing our callings, we try to get to the lake.  It's probably illegal how much fun we have had.

Monday night we had family home evening at the lake. Now that probably is illegal. Actually I don't think it is. We had a blast.

And one thing I know for sure.  God is good.  Look at the skies.  I love where I live because of the amazing sunsets. Every direction I turned on Monday night the skies were gorgeous. There is without a doubt, beauty all around.

And while we're on the subject, I am an instagram-aholic too.

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Kaci B said...

cute mo! i had a blast with you last night! your the best water dance teacher ever!! oh good times. love you!!

sam and kyrsten said...

that middle picture of you and spencer is sooo cute. lovely photos. im home... can i please see you!

Joel & Alli said...

I love instagram too! its so much fun! love all the pics :)

Stephensen's said...

OH so fun! I want to water ski once more this summer. Because it is still summer. And there is still lots of water. Also, you and spence look so cute in all those pics. And, God is good. And one of Idaho's best features is the sunsets. And I miss you:)

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