GG 2011

For three consecutive years, the Gucker's have held Gucker Girls weekend.  I couldn't go last year and was sad. (Gucker is my husband's mother's maiden name, got it?). This year my sister Hailey and MamaKat came along for the ride. We had so much fun.

I think a few items of business need to be explained before the pictures are shared.

#1 Hailey let me do her hair.  Everyone knows that if Molly is going to do your hair, it will not be public worthy. Because its usually just plain scary. Some say she ended up looking like La Roux.  Another side note, I was not serious when doing her hair.

#2 Hailey is not naked in some of the shots behind the fur.

#3 I got blessed with some of the raddest (not a word) in-laws ever. Ever.

#4 Hailey is always a good time. Hilarity is had by all when she is around. AND, its funny how Hailey and my sister-in-law Beth are so much alike. I got hooked up.

#5 Lastly.  Dear my gorgeous, smart, talented, beautiful, funny sisters (Hailey and Beth),  Still love me after sharing these. K? K.  Love, Your favorite little sister :)

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Stephensen's said...

WOW, that is a lot of pictures of me. But what the heck we had the grandest time, didn't we!!

Mitch n' Molly said...

I cannot stops giggling! I will look at this post often to remember all the good clean fun we all had! LOVE YOU MOLLY!

stephani said...

oh gosh soo funny. i looove beths short haircut!

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