The real deal.

I was sitting at my Grandpa's computer with him the other day and started thumbing through some old pictures. He is so good about documenting pictures and having all of the old one scanned in so we all can enjoy them.  At Christmas time, he will pull out discs of all these pictures and put them on his flat screen so we can watch a slideshow of them as we please.  He always has Patsy Cline playing in the background too.

My Grandpa a.k.a. "grand-pappy" said in an Italian accent or "grand-papa" said in a british accent and I are really close.  I clean his house once a week and stop by to visit in between.  Before my Grandma died, Grandpa layed low and just observed.  Since my Grandma passed away he has been somewhat forced to come out of his shell.  Although I miss my Grandma like crazy, I am grateful that my Grandpa and I have gotten close. To this day he calls me "beep-beep" (because I was on a machine the first year of my life that would "beep" when I would stop breathing) or Molly Jo or Moll Jo or Mojo.

I would say twice a month we love to go through old pictures on the computer, especially of my Grandma.  We always seem to end up looking at pictures of her. And then my Grandpa talks about how he misses his girl, and I talk about how much I miss Grandma. We usually get teary eyed but pretend neither of us are.  And then move right along.

I am fascinated with old pictures. I think the most amazing thing about them is that none of them were post-processed, none of them were digital; therfore, they didn't get to go through and delete the ones they didn't like, and they are the real deal.

I absolutely love these pictures below that I found of my Grandma and Grandpa at Disneyworld, Florida, and the Bahamas.  I was dying over how amazing the colors of them were. Enjoy.

p.s. my favorite picture is the one of my grandma in her swimsuit and head wrap. she was one stylish babe.

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Mitch n' Molly said...

Molls those pics are incredible! They remind me of all the cool stuff on instagram... What a cool story they tell! It makes me want to escape somewhere warmer too!

You know you want to.

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