Making things happen.

Once there was a girl. 
And she tried for the past couple of months to eat and drink all things natural.

Natural meaning foods that are natural. 
Stuff only God can make.
For example:
Vegetables from a garden. Or store.
Apples from an apple tree.
Water. Goodness she loves water.
 Sometimes a diet coke (not natural), but naturally good.
And other such things.

She did not always do this perfectly. But she was close.
On the weekends she gave herself a little break. 
But that was a-okay.

And she lived healthily ever after.
Well she felt a lot healthier anyways.

The man upstairs really does make the best food. And the most incredible part is.
Most of it was free thanks to the rain, seed, and soil. 

She once heard a phrase. 
"Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels"
She believed it.

making things happen.

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Mitch n' Molly said...

I LOVE that story, sounds familiar... Miss you... wanna come over and i will make you some honey applesauce pancakes, or honey banana bread..., or maybe just some cookies... LOVEYOU!

spencerandmolly said...

OH my heck yes!! I miss you too! Send pics of Vermont this time of year! I bet its amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

molls! I don't know how to blog..
I just made one...I think
I found your blog though so I wanted to say hello!
I love that saying, "nothing taste's as good as healthy feels". I've heard that before except it goes, " skinny feels".
Both true!
Love you,

You know you want to.

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