stick. fabric. hemp. glue.

As always, conference was sure a treat.
It's the best weekend where you can legitimately chill.

Sunday we did a little craftin' while watching conference.
I swear someone at my mom's house is always working on a project or crafting.

So I abandoned my homework and joined in.

Thanks to my lovely sisters at Navy Perl, they are always letting me use their fabric flowers for something.

With their flowers,

I ended up making this door hanging.
A couple flowers on sticks.
A wreath.
And a baby mobile. (no, not for me).


On a cooler note.

Want to know what is awesome and inspirational and awesome?

"You are NOT invisible! He LOVES you! ... Hold on! Believe in Him! ... You MATTER to Him!"
- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"What's important in our lives is important to HIM, no matter how small, Simply because He loves us."

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Mitch n' Molly said...

LOVELY little door hanging! I have listened to that talk a bunch lately. What beautiful simple truths... Love you Molly!

You know you want to.

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