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Okay. Just got our family pictures back from July. And it's kind of depressing. Not gonna lie. Now I don't think I look great by any means on the left, but I can see the difference.

I have lost 25 lbs. since then. I don't know how or when I ever gained that weight, but whoa!

It's crazy how different I feel. I remember feeling so overwhelmed at how much weight I had to lose. I thought I would never ever ever get there. But then I remember thinking, okay Molly, take one day at a time. Start today.

So I did. I work out 1.5-2 hours a day. Although it takes time, it is not a leisure activity, you have to make it a priority. I also have focused on eating natural foods. Meats included, because no one can make a chicken. That's my definition of natural. I do sometimes eat unnatural foods on the weekends, but overall I eat a lot healthier. I feel like I am feeding my body what Heavenly Father wants it to have. What it was intended to have. I am not only happier, but I feel like I have control. I think it makes me feel like I can be a better friend, wife, daughter, because I have the mental/physical energy to do so.

This is somewhat embarrassing to write about, but I can't take back the times when I have been uncomfortable in my skin, I just have to embrace them and learn how I want to treat my body. I used to want to work out to get 'skinnier' but now I have the desire to be 'healthier' and in doing so, will most likely be smaller. Gosh bodies are incredible. I best be taking care of it because I only get one!

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sam and kyrsten said...

you are beautiful no matter what. and i think you like fabulous in both! but way to go! that is such a great accomplishment!

Mitch n' Molly said...

Well DONE and you do look INCREDIBLE! I LOVE that you shared this very personal success. Thanks for sharing all you have done to make it happen. Gives me the strength to do the same! LOVE YOU!

Charish said...

one HOT momma!!! Congrats!! You look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great job Molly! Making the decision to get healthy is one thing but actually doing it can be so hard! I am glad you are succeeding and most importantly making these changes for the right reasons! Taryn

LoJo said...

you DO look great in the left picture! OWN it! But, just fyi: even if you didn't feel as good, you still look fabulous in the right pic, too. FABULOUS! This has been inspiring to me. I am at 10 plus pounds right now. ugh. I've got to make it a priority. You're absolutely right. THanks for sharing. Bodies are amazing. And I only get one. Thanks Molly. xoxo (see you tomorrow). :)

Anonymous said...

you are such an inspiration!

Natalie. said...

I LOVE this! I LOVE you!

You know you want to.

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