God is good.

God is good. He has always, been good. 

I am feeling so blessed in my life. Particularly today. 

The church is true. It makes me happy.
It inspires and uplifts.
It is fulfilling and promising.
And best of all, it gives me hope in a seemingly hopeless world.

God is forgiving and unconditional.
You and I are loved. Always loved.
No matter what we say, do, regret, dream.
We are still loved exactly the same.
That gives me hope.

I love my family. And the best part is, we're never going to be apart. Ever.
And I am going to see Heather again. And we are going to scrapbook.
She better have everything cut out before I get there. And the hot glue gun on.
I know that because I believe in eternity.
It gives me hope.

The gospel is freedom.
Not bondage.
And I love it.
And I believe in it.
And I have hope because of it.

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Charish said...

I would have to say... you have the sweetest family!!! I am lucky to know you all, you are all beautiful inside and out!

Stephensen's said...

I do love this picture, although for some reason I feel like I have a little giraffe action going on? :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family, beautiful words (and all so true!!!) Loved what you said about Heather having everything cut out before you get there :) Love- Taryn

Natalie. said...

I love this! It brought tears to my eyes! xo!

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