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1. TEUXDEUX: This little gem of a website has become a necessity in my life. It helps me keep clean daily to-do lists that are easy to remove, cross-out, and add. I've set it as my homepage, so when I get on the computer I'm reminded that I should not waste hours on pinterest. It's free too. You'll become addicted.

2. HELLO, FLAWLESS: My sister introduced me to Benefit make-up a few years ago and I've been hooked ever since. Although I don't feel oh so flawless when I wear it, it helps. And is awesome. And you should try it. 

3. ADOBE LIGHTROOM: This is heaven in a box. Before, I only used Adobe Photoshop CS when post-processing, but oh was I missing out! Lightroom is amazing. I love it for organizing my photos, sorting, making lighting adjustments, and converting files.

4. NORTH FACE DOWN: This is the best present I think I have ever received. I got it for Christmas 7 years ago and it is still in really good condition. (Spencer wishes he could say the same about his, he leaned against a fireplace and POOF! feathers were flying everywhere. Needless to say he doesn't like fireplaces or fire in general). Even though it is not exceptionally cute, who cares, it is the warmest coat to boot.

5. TOMATOES: Let's just say I may or may not eat 1-2 of these babies a day. I love them. Seriously a little concerned about how much I love them. Favorite food: HANDS down.

6. BROWN KRAFT PAPER: This is a staple around our place. It is so versatile. I never have to buy new wrapping paper for birthdays, christmas, or happy days. And whatever my ribbon stash contains at the time, it will always match with this neutral color. I love this stuff. I buy mine at the dollar store; however, I would like to get my hands on a roll this large. 

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