Pros and Cons

When moving back into our house, we decided to do hardwood throughout the entire upstairs. Spencer loves hardwood and I trusted his taste. So we went with it and there a definitely pros and cons to the wood planks. Here are some ideas I have on hardwood. 

PROS: Pretty. Last Longer than carpet. Go with all colors. CLEANER (big one for me). I hear they are a lot easier to clean up children's throw up off of, big plus when you are a mother they tell me. 

CONS: Loud. Really LOUD. When I wake up at 5:30 for clinicals, I have to prance around the house so I don't wake Spence up. They are not as easy to clean. I actually miss using a vacuum. Not as soft as carpet when you trip/fall, which obviously is not a problem for me, oh wait. Not as cozy as carpet. You have to buy area rugs, which I love, but they are not on the cheap list. 

Despite the cons, I am learning to love them, and the cons are winning at this point. We'll see once I have little ninos running around. 

Anyone disagree? Agree? 

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The Gray Gang said...

Ugh. I hate the echo!!!! With lots of kids everything seems so much louder. But they are pretty.

Gudrun Kristine said...

Hardwood all the way, yo.

You know you want to.

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