I seriously love this stuff.

I go to Grandpa Leonard's a couple times a week. We hang out. We do puzzles. We drink Diet Coke. He shows me some e-mails. We eat mini-frosted wheats. He eats lemon drops. And we look at old pictures. He tells me stories about when he was a kid. He tells me how much he misses Grandma and she was his sweetheart. Every one of those items, almost every time. It is awesome.

Last week I went over to his house, looking for a picture of him when he was young for a project I am working on for my house. We did the explained routine, I also brought my camera along. I asked Grandpa if I could start taking more and more pictures of him in his old age. He said sure! Yes. I was happy.  I also filmed him telling me what he and Grandma would do for Valentines or special Valentine's he remembers. This day, was one of the those days that you want to delicately roll up and place in your treasure chest.

We then looked at all of these pictures. Grandpa will tell me a story about each picture. I seriously love this stuff. I LOVE old pictures: their coloring, their awesome borders or rounded edges (why don't they come like that anymore?), and their earned, tattered or burnt edges. I asked Grandpa if I could borrow these pictures and want to start plastering them around my house.  Gosh. Old pictures are cool. And Old people are cool, too.

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